May 16, 2015 – Copyright Recapture – Professor Lateef Mtima and Attorney Lita Rosario


Professor Lateef Mtima

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Attorney Lita Rosario

May 16, 2015

Attorneys Lateef Mtima and Lita Rosario discuss copyright recapture and what authors, Including recording artists and songwriters, need to know.  To listen to this radio program, click on the ‘play’ symbol on the black and grey bar above.

The Copyright Act was amended in 1976 to allow authors, which includes recording artists and songwriters, who created or transferred creative works beginning in January 1978, to terminate the transfer of ownership to record companies and music publishers and recapture the ownership of their copyrights.  These copyright recapture rights could create a paradigm shift for the music industry by transferring the ownership of creative works back to artists — but not if artists are not aware of these recapture rights!

These copyright recapture rights are strictly enforced and will expire for works created in 1978 at the end of this year.  Artists and songwriters need to be aware of the rights and seek legal assistance as soon as possible to exercise recapture rights.  Lita Rosario, Esq., a nationally recognized entertainment attorney and artist advocate and Lateef Mtima, Esq. professor at Howard University School of Law and Director of the Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice (IIPSJ) will be our guests to discuss this very important copyright matter.

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