July 22 and September 2, 2017 – Presidential Transparency and Grounds for Trump’s Impeachment with Attorney Donald Temple

Donald Temple

July 22 and September 2, 2017

On this edition, Attorney Donald Temple joins us to discuss the significance of presidential transparency and the rule of law. Issues include Comey, Attorney General Sessions, Mueller, Russia, Trump’s financial dealings, and what’s ahead.  To listen to this radio show, click on the ‘play’ symbol on the bar above.

Over the years, Attorney Temple has sued many corporations, retail stores, hotels, local governments and even law firms, often with good outcomes. The Washington City Paper called him a “Silver Tongued Lawyer.” He has proudly stopped police dog biting cases some 17 years ago in Prince George’s County, successfully challenged glass ceiling and other discriminatory job related practices, and successfully litigated police brutality cases in the District of Columbia and Prince Georges County. But DT, as he is fondly called, is best known for his coinage of the term “consumer racism” in his litigation of the Eddie Bauer case (resulting in a $1 million settlement). That case was tried by Judge Alex Williams. His work in that case is still used in Department stores across the nation.

Visit his website at www.templelawoffices.com.

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