May 2, 2015 – Police Brutality Nationwide – Attorney Nicole C. Lee

Nicole C. Lee

Attorney Nicole C. Lee

May 2, 2015

Attorney Ethel Mitchell discussed police brutality and the Freddie Gray situation with human rights Attorney Nicole C. Lee.  Attorney Lee helped us to understand our rights in such situations and how to get help.  To listen to this radio program, go to

Attorney Lee formerly served at Transafrica between 2005-2014 and Bureau des Avocats Internationaux between 2002-2003.  Ms. Nicole Lee was the first female President of TransAfrica, an American organization created by the Congressional Black Caucus in 1977 to serve as the center of the U.S. movement supporting the fight against apartheid in South Africa and to advocate for foreign policy that respects human rights around the world.  Under Ms. Lee’s leadership, TransAfrica instituted campaigns and strategic initiatives that informed and influenced U.S. foreign policy towards Africa and its diaspora.

At Bureau des Avocats Internationaux, Attorney Lee lived in and traveled extensively across Haiti, researching and documenting claims of human rights abuse during the 1991- 1994 military coup d’ etat period.  She hosted multiple U.S. Congressional delegations to Haiti including members and staff of the Congressional Black Caucus and Progressive Caucus.  She also worked directly with the office of President Aristide and the Haitian Ministry of Justice advising on the status of human rights conditions.

In 2014, she co-founded the Lee Bayard Group LLC where she assists in civil rights campaigns, international and national government relations, and labor relations.

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